A polite guy, smart and of course a dorky. A guy who will laughter at any jokes you make and actually he always have the "dying horse" laugh. But overall he's really good at doing any job
A: wait, did you hear that ?
B: yeah, sounds like a dying horse
C: that's just khairul laughing
by it's me Alice !! June 11, 2018
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A handsome guy, kind guy, brave guy, clever, wise, smart but, he have an evil mouth.

a lot of khairul borned on March. Sometimes he think that he is famous, glamour but he dont know too many people doesn't like his attitude.

he is playboy. sometimes friendly. He like to give sarcasm to his member, and sometimes because of that they will fight but at the end he will aplogize.
Me: why are you playboy ?

khairul: because i like to communicate with many girls
by Mohd khairul December 30, 2017
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Not understanding simple stuff, saying illogical things, getting in a car with a stranger, thinking maura’s better than ava.
Stop khairulling
by Tyugjg April 18, 2019
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