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English slang from the Westcountry where it means to eat noisily, greedily and rapidly without paying any attention to table manners, the quality of the food or the effect on other diners. The process is usually interspersed with grunts, belches and slobbering and would put a starving hyena to shame.
"Did you see Malcolm yaffle those cream cakes? I thought I'd puke!"
by AKACroatalin April 13, 2015
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Uncommon English name for the European Green Woodpecker, immatative of it's laugh-like call (technically urban, you get them in green areas of town)
by Bell July 26, 2003
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A Newfoundland term used to describe an armload of sticks or fish.

It is now used interchangeably to describe an accumulation of anything.
"She was carrying a yaffle of books to school today"

"The university has a yaffle of research projects underway"
by Bumbletoot February 22, 2009
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Yaffle: Spaeaking loudly to foreigners as if it somehow makes you easier to understand.
A foreign person come up to you pointing at a map and saying the name of the place in a foreign accent and you start shouting directions at them. Yaffle
by jphw March 24, 2009
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v. yaffling, yaffled; to waffle in an officious, patronising and anally-retentive way. After the Bagpuss character Professor Yaffle
The boss was yaffling on about the mugs not being on saucers again! Yaffle, yaffle, yaffle! I'm sick of it!
by DanEvans April 06, 2010
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