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"Young, Black, and Gifted." Saw some Somalian looking character wearing a tee-shirt that said that about a year ago at Filene's Basement. Nearly lost my shit when I saw it too.
Izze YBG, yung, buh-laque and gifteed. Y'all betta recognize my million-man-marchedness!
by Busy Bone August 15, 2003
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Young Blood Gang Is a gang That Has spreaded all across the United States, The YBG owned neighborhoods all across Lynn, Ma

in 2011 until the lcg a.k.a Lil Crip Gang took over all of lynn. The Lcg Took over the Ybg and Scared them away and made them go into hiding. The Ybg Had control over lynn for only 4 years. The Ybg still own firearms and illegal weapons at the time. The Ybg great themselves as d.o.g.s and they call to eachother by saying blaat sound and have a bright red bandana on them but not ever hangin out
YBG Young Blood Gang

Color Bright Paisley Red
Greeting Blaaat
Active 2011
Location Lynn ma, Saugus, Ma
Revere, Ma
Rivals LCG, Latin Kings
Alies ??
by John willow April 05, 2014
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Yellow bikini girl. To be used with any chick who wears a skimpy yellow bikini. Can be of any age, or hotness.
by Hey,WhatsUp January 29, 2011
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