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Adjective form of the noun freak see freak. Kinky, wild in bed, sexually promiscuous, etc.
Me an Quanita was gettin freaky up in heayuh!
by Busy Bone August 04, 2003

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Possibly the most overused and least understood word in the urban lexicon. Literally means lazy or prodigal (wasting cash mo-nay). Frequently used to mean anything from "cheatin" to "busy bodied"
He ain't nothin but a trifflin dawg

Shit, Moeshia a trifflin ho, she aint bout nothin but cho bling son!
by Busy Bone August 04, 2003

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Washington DC, possibly the blackest city in America. Often called the Chocolate city with its vanilla suburbs.
Chocolate City to PG Countay.... Ladies night free at Club Krunk in Anacostia
by Busy Bone August 04, 2003

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Synthetic (fake) or real hair extensions worn by black women, usually in conjunction with long fake nails. Weaves are usually very easy to spot as they are different colored braids that what would naturally occur (read: red or bleach blonde).
Shit girl you see Tarmeekahs weave? dat chicken head be trippin!

Damn shorty, y'all know I can get freaky wit chu when yo weave slapin all aroun!
by Busy Bone August 04, 2003

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North Carolina
North Carolina take yo shirt aw an waive it rown yo hed like a helicoptuh!

LaQuana from Norf Cakalacky? Shizz I knews she was a dirtay bizz-yurd
by Busy Bone August 11, 2003

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crap weed
I can't believe I paid 30 bucks for this dirt. I'm never buyin' that asshole's schwag shit again.
by busy bone May 22, 2003

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Black fraternity dance. Put on shows and make pledges learn prior to initiation. Dance is pretty complicated, involves chanting and rhythmic stomping.
Alpha, Alpha Phi Alpha, its just toooooo cold its just tooooo cold.
by Busy Bone August 13, 2003

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