A year of regret, tears, no sleep, late nights filled with nightmares of Lyndon B. Johnson, migraines, procrastination, excessive notecards, useless annotations, mental breakdowns, falling GPAs, learning about American assholes, slowly watching your sanity disappear, questioning if Hamilton was president, lack of a social life, overthinking every single test question, calculating how many questions you can get wrong to avoid tedious review questions, and the approaching AP exam consisting of 55 multiple choice questions, 1 long essay, 4 short answers, and to top off this cruel and unusual punishment, the dreaded DBQ is the poisonous cherry on top. Basically the definition of the worst year of your life. Just hope that your teacher kirvs your grade at the end.
"Hey what are you doing today?" "Not much just apush-ing myself off a cliff. You?"
by yiKES!1one December 4, 2016
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the hardest class to ever exist, usually taken in junior year. Typically, one spends a minimum of four hours per night reading historical-sounding literature and writing essay-length responses to study questions and definitions created by the Devil himself in order to pass. The teacher then picks random students to read out their essays and assigns them a grade based on how much they like/dislike the student. Students often fall asleep in this class due to the tedious amount of homework, and the students who manage to stay awake either didn't do the homework or copied. After about eight tedious assignments and readings, the students take a test which consists of multiple-choice questions based on minor details and an essay in which in order to get an A, the student is expected to spit back the teacher's exact views on the topic. In this class, 70 is the new 100. Anyone who manages to get an A in this class is either:
* A cheater
* A future history major
* Has no life
* Sucks the teacher's dick
* A motherfucking sorcerer
"George: Andy can I copy your APUSH homework?
Andy: Sure dude"

"Katie: FUCK YES! I got a C+ this quarter in APUSH!
Mary: Hahaha I got a 100 all quarters
*Katie proceeds to bitch slap Mary*"

"Bob: Dude what'd you get on the test?
Joe: I got a 70 because I didn't know what color hat John C. Calhoun wore in his speech defending slavery"

"Sophomore: I'm taking APUSH next year
Junior: Hahaha welcome to hell"
by KilljoyKitten May 28, 2014
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A class encouraging you to commit suicide. If you are thinking about thinking this class, do not take this class. Its not too late for you. Unless you're some smart ass who knows absaloutely everything about anything in the history of the United States. If you are now taking this class, prepare for staying up til 3 in the morning to do homework you will end up getting a 60% on. Hah. Good luck. Side effects to this class include- depression, cancer, death.
-I think I'm gonna take APUSH next year.
-Are you fucking mental
by Talia Jude December 5, 2013
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A synonym for hell. If you sign up for AP United States History, better known to all those who suffer through it as APUSH, be prepared for late nights, little sleep, painful migranes and the occasional little voice inside your head that reminds you about how stupid you are. Also be aware and mentally prepared for the 3 hour and 15 minute midterm, final and AP exam that includes 60 multiple choice questions as well as two free response questions and last but not least, the dreaded DBQ.
- I'm thinking about taking APUSH next year.
by apush lover December 19, 2006
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A common torture mechanism used by the CIA in order to laugh at the hell they go through. Very agonizing process which lasts a whole school year but feels like a century. Halfway through the semester, it is said that students begin to hallucinate seeing Abraham Lincoln at night. PLEASE DO
Little Jimmy: I am considering taking APUSH next year.
Johnny: Wowzers! When is the date for your funeral?
by TorturedStudent January 2, 2015
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1. Advanced Placement United States History.
2. AP United States History
3. AP US History.
4. A rigorous high school course that teaches US History to a college level and gives you college credit if you complete it successfully.
1. "Does your school require that you take APUSH this year?"

2. "Are you taking APUSH this year?"

3. "32% of high school students take APUSH in high school. 48% of those students pass the AP exam with a 3, 4, or 5."

4. "APUSH looks good on college applications. You should take it your junior year."

5. "Oh god, I hope they don't make you take APUSH!!"
by Matt GXX November 24, 2011
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the class that Assassinates People Using Stressful Homework
Sophomore: I'm taking APUSH next year.
by apush survivor October 9, 2010
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