Somebody who likes to express themselves to their full potential.
The man was very Xtra with his personality.
by JWT84 September 27, 2018
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When someone is so over the toply happy that it just ends up making them stupid and unprofessional in any situation.
"Oh my god did you see pue die pie's latest video" "No! I can't stand him he is so xtra he isn't even funny anymore"
by YaBoyFromHuffines April 2, 2017
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Xtra is ah kind goofy and funny guy he has ah huge dick love to spend time with his girlfriend and he is one of the sexiest guys you would ever meet he have good dick and know how to make ah girl happy he likes light skinned girls and want to record her and kiss her a lot and maybe fuck her butt get you ah xtra
by 43k August 18, 2020
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A ISP from New Zealand Probably the worst in the devloped world holds a monopoly over the NZ telecommunications. Renown for overpricing, low caps, general unreliability and just plain screwing you round.
"Hey man whats up?"
"just trying to watch this video on youtube but I can't because xtra sucks"
by King-Chard August 25, 2007
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To be very cool or just plain awesome.
WOW! That movie was xtra saucy!
by Lauren and Barb December 29, 2008
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What one person can give to another person of the opposite gender as a reward; can be received in exchange for many gold stars.
Jenn was very aroused by Tommy and so she decided to give him xtra prize on the sofa.
by aperson April 25, 2005
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a euphemism for carnal knowledge, redeemable in exchange for many gold stars
Kat gave Ben his hundredth gold star, so now he can get xtra prize!
by nostalgicrunner February 16, 2010
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