it's a feeling that you get after sniffing amphetamine(a central nervous system stimulant that increases energy) and smoking weed about 20 minutes afterwards. It is important that you do not smoke weed right after sniffing speed because you kill your high. It was created on drum and bass parties in Poland where speed and bass is very popular.
Wadim : I don't smoke weed at all I only do amphetamine.
Maciek : I like smoking green when I'm high on speed because it gives me this extra bass.
by Maciej June 15, 2006
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1.Larger than mangnum, truly a huge shlong
2. The sizzel of my dizzel
Yo, my fujunga hurts because of Ben's magnum extra shlong
by Ben February 9, 2005
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When you cum in the asshole of your partner then proceed to toss their salad (aka eat their ass and suck out and swallow the cum).
Joel -"I saw Jeff and Jays amauter Gay Porn I still can't get over the images of Jay doing the Tossed Salad with Xtra Ranch."

Dan- "Are you kidding me that shit was hot, I'd love to get in his Hidden Valley!"
by Droc the Bull November 24, 2016
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A take on the Canadian coffee order from Tim Hortons that requires two sugar and two creams but slang term adding Xtra Large implies male ejaculation on both breasts of a woman and a shot in the mouth in the same load of ejaculation
She wanted a Timmies Double Double Xtra Large so I emptied the sack on her and in her.
by InfernoCA January 9, 2021
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When someone has an excessive response to surrounding illnesses
Shane was so germ-xtra when Caroline started coughing.
by Brazzlefrazzle November 2, 2017
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When someone doesn't wanna listen and cries everyday
"You're gonna make sad" Shut up you and stop being a fucking Xtra Holes you fucking bot ass bitch
by Xtra Holes April 28, 2019
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