One who thinks that she/he is a proper rebel, smoking, drinking and dont give a shit - but in reality, is still dreaming about a house in the subburbs with two children, a husband and to solid incomes. Most often seen around universities. Young, leftwinged women, who thinks that drinking in the weekends will compensate for the fact that they get offended when they encounter real problems like alcoholism, drug abuse, or people who don't have a good degree or are being "political incorrect".
Girl: It just got wild last weekend. I was totally wasted, feel like Pete Doherty, the day after. totally fucked.
Guy: But did'nt you end up at your boyfriends' house around 2pm.? And did'nt you just finish your exams 1st. class?
Girl: yeah, but still. It was a bit crazy.
Guy: You're nothing but a Xerox Rebel, wanting a secure life in the subburbs.
by Jakob Orbesen April 9, 2008
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1. People who follow the same path/live up to the same expectations as their parents
2. People who fall into the expected stereotypes of a previous generation
They've just bought a house in the suburbs, with space for an au pair, and he's just been headhunted to the city. Total generation xerox.
by :;:;:;: September 11, 2013
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All non-business related photocopied material, like birthday greetings, lottery ticket lists, party invitations, pictures of various body parts, etc.
Department supervisor: "Management says we have damn near doubled our photocopying costs in the last quarter. All of this Xerox-shit needs to stop!"
by SuperCabbie December 15, 2018
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Euphemism for swiping free photocopies from one's workplace.
After he started his xerox subsidy plan to help his garage sale, Fred felt a little better about his poor treatment at work.
by silvergatlin October 1, 2003
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The various marks which show up in a xerox copy that have no origin in the original image, usually consisting in small dots or lines of gray or black.
I tried to make a copy of the official form look like an original, but all the xerox chatter gave it away.
by Hannah March Campbell April 6, 2006
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A band that my friends and I are working on, featuring Ian Focht on guitar, Brent Hayes on drums, and myself on bass. Though we don't play or practice yet, we do write poems to eventually become songs and such. We also have fans already, sort of.
Xerox is heavily influenced by some modern metal bands, such as Apartment 26, and Korn, aswell as many classic rock bands, such as The Ramones, Nirvana, and AC/DC.
by Chris June 21, 2004
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a culture that is copied from some culture.
Nepal celebrating Valentine's Day is nothing more than a xerox culture.
by uttam maharjan September 14, 2013
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