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A male or female with an unhealthy obsession with intercourse. Often is related to bestiality fetishes, most commonly with canines.
The prostitute was known througout the city as a Focht.
by meowmeow31 February 14, 2005
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Pseudo German for fucked, it is most effective when spoken with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.

It is rarely used to convey the past tense of having had sex (unless the sex was with a German or a person of German descent) and is mostly used to soften or lighten the sense of impending misery or doom or to describe one's inebriation after drinking German beer. When describing one's inebriation "up" is usually replaced with "op" as in the example below.
1) Kenny is focht if he thinks he can argue his way out of this one.

3) I was so focht op last night I forget where I hid the rest of our money.
by Dar Komizar April 01, 2013
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