A copycat or clone, a follower, someone who copies other people,
That girl is such a xerox. She does whatever I do.
by Diana N. April 2, 2008
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I was so xeroxed last night, I don't even know how that chick ended up in the hospital.
by Jeff July 18, 2003
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A shitty kind of copier that, if it is not broken, makes bad, out of alignment, and Black and White copies.
{IN SCHOOL} Sorry guys, but the.... the.... oh yeah paper coping thing broke.... again, so there is no homework because i couldnt make ilegal copies of out of the book papers.
by DA GUY April 15, 2004
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An uber l337 CS player who can pwn j00.
"Some Noob was just owned by .aS.XeroX with the TMP"

You just got XeroX'd!!!
by .aS.XeroX December 30, 2005
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A pop/rock star that is manufactured and pumped out as if from a xerox machine, i.e. Ashlee Simpson, Aaron Carter, or any American Idol. They are highly replaceable and seemingly identical to the others before them, hence the term 'xerox'.
That Xerox Star Ashlee Simpson can't even perform live without a machine singing for her. She's also mildly retarded.
by Badwig June 7, 2005
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when the name of a brand has been so widely accepted for referring to an item that many people only use the brand name as the name of the item.
Asking for a kleenex rather than a tissue is a good example of the xerox effect.
by 1-800-spunjah August 23, 2020
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phenomenon of boys that all look and dress the same, and seem to have no concept of creativity or originality. This can also apply to girls. Maybe it's a British thing, I've noticed it a lot in London and at my university
I just got lost in a swarm of Xerox boys
by gabi October 7, 2005
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