A Xenogender is a gender that is made for peoples interests/struggles. It is most commonly used by neurodivergentpeople because they have more intense interests than others. Some neurodivergent people have a more complicated relationship with gender so these help with that also!
Josh is autistic and using a xenogender helps them with being comfortable with their gender
by m0nster sheep October 14, 2020
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A xenogender is a gender that can't be entirely described by human concepts of gender, like male, female, or no gender.

It can be complicated, but xenogenders are often described as feeling like objects, sensations, songs, feelings, concepts, etc.

Some people may create xenogenders based on things of comfort/interest to them.

Xenogenders are not transphobic and they are completely valid and real.
Ringo: I have a xenogender! Mine feels like the way bubbles look and move when you blow on them.
Riley: Sweet! My xenogenders don't feel like that, but one of mine feels like the way my keyboard feels when I press the keys.
Marco: I don't have xenogenders, but I'm not going to be a jerk and pretend I know your gender better than you guys do. I'm glad you've found yourselves. :D
by duhding July 12, 2021
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Xenogender isn't defined in relation to "female" or "male" (the binary genders), but by other kinds of ideas that most people don't think of as having to do with gender. Typically oneself chooses things they like to more accuratly decribe themselves better then they think binary labels could do.
Person 1: "I use the xenogender catgender! I use nya/nyaself because they are fun and make me feel comfortable!"

Person 2: "That's cool! I use puppygender because I have a complex identity regarding gender, I know I'm not a dog btw!"
by GollDuts October 14, 2020
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A form of self expression often used by neruodivergent people.

Xenogenders are ways to describe ones gender.

Ask someone how they'd describe their gender and you'll probably get stuff like "blue" or "tough" (masculine stuff for guys usually).
I use Xenogenders! I use catgender and beegender!
by KeyTheKey October 14, 2020
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An identity often made and used by Neurodivergent people to help explain a unique relation to their gender or hyperfixation.
Person A: Xenogenders are incredibly valid identities and cool!
Person B: Absolutely!!
by October 14, 2020
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An identity original coined by deviantart user pastelmemer, contrary to popular belief xenogender aren’t meant for neurodivergent people, neurodivergent isn’t just autism. And dyslexia doesn’t affect your gender identity. And neurodivergent people have difficulty using xenogender and cannot understand the concept. But to sum it all up the definition is a freakshow who wants to be special
Person a :did you know the attack helicopter meme was made because of xenogenders? Which is a meme used against trans and non binary people for years?

Person b: really? I did not know that
by Anonymous exclusionist February 12, 2021
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a xenogender is a gender identity outside of the binary (also known as neogenders), usually made by a neurodivergent person. some neurodivergent people interpret life and society differently. due to this, they may also interpret social constructs such as gender differently. a neurodivergent person may struggle trying to find a term that fits their gender so they take something of comfort and make a gender identitiy tied to it! hence a xenogender! most xenogenders are based on objects such as mindsets, plants, animals and other things people may find comfort in!
xenogenders are awesome!! it’s so great that people who may have trouble understanding gender are able to find terms that fit them
by R0SIE!! October 14, 2020
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