Microsoft's latest addition to the Xbox console franchise, which has been debuted in May of 2013. The successor to the Xbox 360, the One sports more high a performance hardware, support for higher resolutions and 60 frames per second, much like (in some cases) a midrange gaming computer. With it's somewhat updated graphics unit and 8 GB of RAM, the One is a technological step up from the 360.
This console has been the center of ridicule in the gaming community for well over six months, up until it's release in November. Because there were growing concerns over DRM and restricted library issues, a majority of consumers diverted their attention to the upcoming PS4. however, after its release, the One was able to stand up on its own as a formidable gaming platform. Well over 4.2 million units around America have been installed and are being actively used by gaming enthusiasts every day. Even so, as the One has surprised a number of gamers and consumers, it still comes under fire from multiple sides; dedicated Sony fans and the other half of Microsoft; PC.
All arguments aside, the One has finally shown some potential as a decent gaming machine, and the author is curious to see what content becomes available for it as the year goes on.
Man 1: My Xbox One finally came in the other day. Loving the step up from last generation.

Man 2: That's cool. My PS4 is pretty awesome, too. Shame we don't have cross-console games yet.

Man 3: You dumbasses got consoles? Fuckin' peasants. My PC rig only cost me $600 and games better than both of your fag machines combined!

Man 1 + 2: *turn and stare in unison*

Man 1: Really?
by Markus Nuttingham February 10, 2014
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An underestimated console people assume is bad when they didn't actually play it.
Guy: Xbox One sucks!
Casual Gamer: How does it suck? Did you actually play it?
Guy: ...Xbox One still sucks!
by SilenceEnigma January 5, 2015
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This thing will be a failure. It requires you to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours in order to play games. Kinect is required for it to work. You have to pay a fee to play used games. Games have to be installed in order to play and it has a hard drive that holds a mere 500 GB. It was officially announced in a live stream on May 21st, 2013.
I was going to buy the new Xbox, but I changed my mind when I saw the Xbox One announcement.
by NewsReporter May 21, 2013
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The Xbox One is an upcoming video game console from Microsoft. Announced on May 21, 2013, it is the successor to the Xbox 360 and the third console in the Xbox family of consoles. But don't let the advertisements fool you. This is the worst game system known to man. This game system blocks all used games so your forced to buy each game brand new, Since its equipped with the Kinect 2.0 the system is never fully turned off unless you cut off the power manually (Unplug power cord from wall), Certain games are region locked so if you live anywhere other than the United States be prepared to get certain games blocked and you can forget about a refund since all purchases are final, You cant play any of your games unless your connected to the internet and signed up for Xbox Live (Meaning you have to pay for online to play your games, even if its a single player game), and they have the saddest collection of exclusive games of all time.
Go buy a Ps4 and not an Xbox One
by Demonflamex June 28, 2013
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Microsoft's next game console, successor (or possibly loser) to the Xbox 360.
Xbox One: I'm going to beat PS4 into the ground!
PS4: Wonder if it can get viruses....
by Mitt Romney Loves You October 12, 2013
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A console made by Microsoft in 2013, it has 3 models, the original from 2013, The S from 2016, And The X from 2017, which can play 4K Games at 60FPS
Guy:Hey, you got the new PS4
Guy 2: Nah, Xbox one is better.
by XboxGamerOne August 4, 2018
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A box in the shape of an "x" with a "1" drawn on the top

A direct competitor to pay-station 4
Xbox One openly supports cross-play while pay-station 4 does not
by Jokerwasagoodmovie November 8, 2019
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