Today is the day to ask any boy for their hoodie, if they say no you have to steal it. ( then give it back obviously )
Person 1: yo its may 21 you know what that means...

Person 2: I have to ask Josh for his hoodie :(
by DeezNutzzzz108 October 30, 2019
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A day, in may. Your probably looking this up if your birthday is this day, which is lucky because your golden birthday is when your 21. Legally aged of drinking in Wisconsin, also part of a meme, "whats nine plus ten": 21. Don't party too hard.
Girl: "My golden birthday is when I am 21!"
Boy: "Lucky you"
Girl: "yep May 21!"
by BIG BOOOOOTY JUDY 696969 April 10, 2019
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Beautiful and caring. You get frustrated and annoyed very easily, and you sometimes let it out on in e person. You love your family but you sometimes wish to give up! It is also a day when at about 5:00 pm you tell your mom 5 nice things about her
Daughter: mom, mom

Mom: hold on.

Daughter:I was going to say I love you but I’m glad I wasn’t born on May 21.
by Love myself 1 November 05, 2019
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National Grab Booty Day Is celebrated on May 21. It is the birthday of a famous Bandit outlaw Named Johny Klyde which was notorius for grabing ladies asses.
May 21
GUY:Hey its John Klydes birthday u know what that means
Girl:Oh okay fine just do it
Guy:"proceds to smack her ass
by secret_spy May 20, 2019
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Today is the day to get freaky(kiss, slap booty, grab🍆 anything freaky just be safe
Guess what today is May 21
by Cool rascal May 20, 2019
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National: Buy Kuhle Hadebe whom is 13 years of age turning 14 years old, who lives in South Africa Gauteng food day
Oh shoot! Tomorrow is May 21st. I have to buy Kuhle Hadebe food.
by OfficialNationalDay May 20, 2021
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