A person who plays games but aren't competitive. Usually they are just there to be social and have fun but if they end up losing in the game they wouldn't mind. They don't put in a lot of effort to try to win. They may or may not play long hours of games. A casual gamer doesn't place their gaming as a first priority.
Example of a casual gamer: "Sorry guys, I need to get to school or work or I need to go rest". Or "Good game, good job, nice try, it's okay we or I used to be new too".
by Bush Fire November 14, 2014
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In- Short:
Casual Gamer is the lowest common denominator in the gaming industry.

Gamer that put simplicity over complexity.
Most pre-2000 games are propagating difficulty by complexity.
Sadly, the demand for such games is decreasing, as the majority of gamers is getting less and less demanding for intellectually challenging games caused by the intellectual degradation of the society (see "dumbing down society").
Such gamers are called Casual Gamers.
They, as the majority are the pillars of the gaming industry.
As such, the gaming industry is prioritizing their demands and adjusting towards it creating a silent standard or a collective casual gaming model.
Casual Gamer redefined standards as shown below:
Tomb Raider, 1996 -> Complex, Good classical music creating a fantastic atmosphere, gigantic levels, great riddles.
Tomb Raider, 2013 -> Simple level design (a straight line), generic action series music, no unique atmosphere at all, small chambers, very simple riddles.

Even FPS games:
Duke Nukem 3D, 1996 -> Complex level design, big levels, many small riddles.
Duke Nukem Forever, 2011-> level design = straight line, one or two simple riddles, totally messed up weapons handling and energy economy.

H&S/ Rpg:
Diablo 1 compared to Diablo 3 -> needless to say.
by Robbie Boy August 10, 2013
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Casual Gamer's are the bane of the current gaming industry. Casual Gamers prefer to play games on an inferior console rather than on a superior PC. Most Casual Gamers are fans of only Sports and racing games as anything with a fantasy or sci-fi setting is "nerdy" to them. To them gaming isn't a hobby but just something you do for fun so games should never be complicated because that would require thinking on their part and would not be fun for them.

Causual Gamers attitude towards games causes them to only buy simplistic sports and action titles. This harms the development and evolution of the industry as a whole because hartless publishers like EA, Ubi-soft and Sega will use their influence to crush new and innovative ideas and push foreward titles which will sell faster to the unwashed masses.
A Casual gamer actually said to me once "Well *I* don't like to think then *I* play games" as if not thinking some how made him better than me. Yeah that makes a WHOLE TON of sense, jackass. Not thinking is obviously making you a better person.
by Sega Slayer July 22, 2004
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A person who playes games when they have the time, and doesn't commit their life to them.

Casual Gamers tend to buy the console that has the widest selection of games, is the cheapest, and is talked about the most. The games they tend to play are simple games that are like everyday life, such as sports titles or the Sims.

Sony has been the main console of casual gamers, and is really the company that invented them. About 80% of their sales have been made to casual gamers.

However, it looks as if this will change soon. At the time of the writing of this definition, Nintendo is taking the aproach of simple games and a cheap console, which is what casual gamers tend to go for. The interface of the new console is even more simple then the controller that most are use to. Also, the high price of the Ps3 is making people uneasy about buying the system.
I don't like casual gamers, I think I'll post a rude entry on Urban Dictionary.
by Nakile64 June 30, 2006
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What kills the game industry. Equivilant of someone who plays Farmville. Some games they play. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. ShovelMcShovelWare 17 Wii. Any Intellivision game.
Casual Gamer: I play ShovelWare 18 and bought 6 copies of Modern Warfare 2!
Hardcore gamer: You killed E3.
by HARDCOREN00B PWNER June 9, 2010
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People who judge games by their plot or graphics are casual gamers, as opposed to true gamers, who would rather play a game than watch it.
People who own an xbox are casual gamers, and so are the majority of people who own playstations. Casual gamers are ruining the industry for the rest of us. I wish gaming was still just for geeks.
by Mario July 24, 2004
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People that are ruining the industry. They believe that they are the high authority on video games and support either xbox or ps2 mainly.
by chrisguy March 7, 2005
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