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A hemroid is a swollen blood vessel. It might bleed and cause a bad case of rectal bleeding. If you do have a hemroid, buy a hemroid specialized cream, I think they sell them at pharmacies and stores.
Kris took a poo and his hemroid popped and started bleeding out like a wound from a bullet.
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 06, 2014
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Kewl is how some people name 'cool' in slang. Or sometimes how they pronounce cool is like kewl. Cartman from South Park pronounces cool like kewl but in a longer, more annoying name.
South Park's Cartman pronounce cool like kewl. (K-ee-uh-el)
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 06, 2014
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(1:) The sound of a gun; used in comics or real life
(2:) How an explosion or gunfire sounds in comics.
(3:) Sexual intercourse
(1:) The loud bang meant someone was being shot.
(2:) In the comic, the noisy bang meant that the criminal was shooting at the hero.
(3:) The pervert likes to bang hookers in the local strip club.
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 07, 2014
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A belly nipple is apparently an outie belly button or outer belly button.
The girls in the pool saw the boy take off his shirt revealing a big belly nipple.
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 05, 2014
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Acid Rush is kind of similar to sugar rush. Let's say you eat a piece of sour candy. The sour taste is good but it reaches your cheeks and starts to like infect it with a acid tasting feel and when it reaches your throat it's good but so sour that you start to make a sour duck face and run around.
Rick ate some warheads and then he got Acid Rush.
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 07, 2014
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Auto Incorrect means your iPad, iPod, iPhone, maybe even a Samsung tablet or phone decides to correct you. The software then puts a different word that makes you sound stupid, mad, happy, etc. That's rage inducing.
Joe: Hey, boar!
Greg: What?! I'm not an animal!
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 06, 2014
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Saltwater balls is when you get out of the beach after a long time and it irritates your balls and the sides near them. It causes you to walk like a duck with feces hanging out his butthole. It burns and it needs irritation cream.
DAAYUUUMM! Did you see David? He's walking around like a duck. Yesterday he went to the beach. He might've gotten Saltwater balls.
by Ultraf0xDictionary June 07, 2014
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