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To suddenly release a work to the public without any leaks, warnings, or promotion, as Beyoncé did on December 13, 2013 when she placed her self-titled album on iTunes. In the process, it shot straight to number one.
-"When Beyoncé pulled a Beyoncé, her fans went insane."
-"When the hell is Azealia Banks going to release her album? At this rate, she's going to have to pull a Beyoncé!"
-"Beyoncé actually isn't the first one to pull a Beyoncé. Death Grips does that with every album they make."
by ididntknowthat June 29, 2014
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A kick ass car from Scion/Toyota that looks like a box. Also called Toyota bB.
That Scion xB has XM radio in it! Damn!
by ididntknowthat October 29, 2007
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The mysterious ingredient in some delicious food items, such as some brands of pepperoni, a few Kool-Aid flavors, and Fruity Pebbles. Apparently it's a preservative.
My delicious Kool-Aid has some mysterious ingredients. BHA is one of them.
by ididntknowthat June 16, 2009
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To use Google to go through all the B.S. that people are saying.
Hey, the headline on the news is "Bat Boy Lives!". You really should fact check your ass!
by ididntknowthat October 29, 2007
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The holy grail of modern RPGs today, a true revival of the JRPG, and the reason for gamers to dust off their Nintendo Wii. The only relation this game has to the similarly named Xenogears and Xenosaga is the fact that they were all created by Tetsuya Takahashi. Unlike those games, however, Xenoblade boasts one of the largest open worlds this side of Skyrim. In addition, it has an epic battle system, fantastic art direction, a story that (for the most part) doesn't play into traditional JRPG tropes, and beautiful music.

While graphics whores, Call of Duty addicts and console fanboys have denigrated this game due to the simple fact that it's a JRPG on the Wii, almost everyone else has given it well-deserved praise.
Fanboy 1: The Wii's on its last legs, and it's always sucked!
Fanboy 2: Meh, this game looks like JRPG garbage.
Fanboy 3: Those graphics are shit!
Me: *shows fanboys a review of the game*
Fanboys: Ah...that actually looks really, really good...
Me: Wow, Xenoblade has really been turning fanboys across the spectrum into converts.
by ididntknowthat July 08, 2012
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