kick ass sour-cream white kid who likes to kick people in the face. He has a great girlfriend (who's mad hot) and he will never loose in a fight.
"Oh shit... wyatt just kicked my ass again
by George (The spanish way) March 16, 2010
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The Sweetest kinda guy your ever gonna meet with blond hair and blue eyes. He’s very attractive if you ever get the chance to have a Wyatt as a friend take ittttt!!!!
Lily:Do you see Wyatt??
Paige:He’s a hottie!!!
by Taco Bell Thursday February 23, 2018
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Wyatt is a brave and wise man. He dose what's right even when its hard. He's also very sweet and will warm your heart with his smile. He is great with children because of his patent and loving nature. Wyatt will always protect his loved ones, no matter what the cost.
by Ashley, sister of three September 04, 2016
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He is a funny, athletic, weird, and, short. A Wyatt is a good boyfriend and you never want to lose him as a friend.
Look at him he is such a Wyatt.
via giphy
by Nicky Aranda May 04, 2019
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he is a man
he is a helicopter
he spins people around 24/7

mostly does it to chicks hoping that their clothes would fall off, probably not wrong

ALSO he stars in the movie birds of prey
Wyatt: Hey Teija!
Teija: What?
Wyatt: You have no tits lol
Teija: SHUT UP!
*wyatt proceeds to grab teija and swing her around*
by badboybradleyxxx124 February 17, 2020
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A "Wyatt" has the bigger dicks out of the males in this world. Also a "Wyatt" gets more pussy then he knows what to do with it.
guy 1: is that wyatt?
guy 2: yep, i hear they get more pussy then they know what to do with it.
by dr.awesomeisacoolguy December 21, 2009
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Amazing,Gorgeous,Talkative,Super Friendly,Crazy,Sailor-White Trash,Handsome,Player,Uber Fantastic,The One and Only,Someone Who Makes ALOT ALOT of Money, Loves Shoes,Spends Ample Amount of Money on Suits, Looks Hella Good in Suits,Always Makes You Smile,Loves Alcohol,Think I Stole His Crack Pipe,Has 2 Cellphones, Has Anger Managment Issues,Loves Women,Party Animal, Looks Like Brad Pitt, Can Sell Cellphones Better Than ANYONE!,Makes Up Random Stories, People Are Super Jealous of Him and His Super Good Looks,
See that man over there? He thinks he is a Wyatt, but he totally is not!
by Morgan,Katrina,and Rub May 08, 2008
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