A boy name
An Amazing boy who has a really hot girlfriend who is AMAZING! He is really cute, but can ignore you, really popular, an amazing guy overall
by TheShiiiiiitttttt:] May 28, 2009
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The fastest tetris 99 player in the west.
Me: I appear to have been targeted by a Wyatt, as a result I have no way to win this round
by let'sgo69 March 01, 2019
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Wyatt's are trustful, funny, and respectful guys. Wyatt's are people who can keep secrets, and have good times with. If you're in a bad mood Wyatt can instantly make you feel better, Wyatt can make you forget whats wrong. Most Wyatt's will fall for a girl who he is friends with first. ( Most Wyatt's like girls with light-colored hair, maybe blonde or ash brown.)

If you're ever in a relationship with a Wyatt, take him seriously because he cares about you. You're a lucky girl to be with a Wyatt. They might flirt or joke with you when they're bored, and if you catch Wyatt looking at you they're thinking about you, and how lucky they are to know you.

Wyatt's are amazing with kids. If he has a younger sibling, boy or girl, he will play with them, joke with them, care for them, even if his friends are around he'll still stay with his brother or sister.
Girl 1- I never thought my day could be better but then Wyatt showed up
Girl 2- I know, he can brighten anyone's day up :)
by BeTheBestYouYouCanBe October 14, 2019
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The hottest sexiest guy ever to walk the face of the earth and ever body fucks him cause he has the biggest dick and it will make you choke. "CHHGGHC"!
Damn Wyatt makes you choke good!
by David Marchil December 23, 2016
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A screaming sexual panther waiting to leap on to a feast of pussy deer. Commanley attracted to Hot blondes.. Amazing kisser. usally tall hittin on short hot chicks. ruins realationships but makes it the best one a girl will ever have.. also known as sex dynamite(large) god of the chicas (hot, fine, sexy, player, chick magnet)
Girl:that guy totally pulled a wyatt on me i loved it.

Guy: fuck off
by bearclaw226 December 13, 2010
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