An affirmative statement that has nothing to do with "what" or any of its variants, nor does it pose a question.
P-dawg: "The Roots are the best band ever."
J-Unit: "Wut wut."
by Jordan February 29, 2004
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Another spelling of the word "wat." Used in response to an unclear or absurd statement when seeking to clarify it or expose said absurdity. Commonly used on internet message boards or online games, the word was originally used in 1337 speak and chat language, but has since been used humorously in many cases.
Gentleman #1: Salutations, sir! Have you recently experienced any notable situations worthy of discussion and/or regaling?
Gentleman #2: Why, yes! I was engaged in intercourse with a fine lady, and suddenly the Easter Bunny sprang from her vaginal area and started defecating on my chest! There was confetti everywhere!
Gentleman #1: wut
by FlammableFun January 1, 2011
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A shorter variation of "What." Something someone says when they are baffled or confused.
*Online Chat* Dad: Son ur adopted. Son: Wut.
by Myfriendsimpacking April 11, 2010
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1. An expression similar in meaning to the word "What"

2. A "leet" word for what

3. A remark most commonly used after a party has told a ridiculous/unbelievable story. after a pause the listener responds "wut" or "lol wut"
Sean: Yea, so the other day I was on my way to the store and I saw a homeless person steal a woman's baby and smother it in bbq sauce only to be tackled by the one and only Race Danger.

Me: ...... Lol wut?
by A-Mac October 25, 2007
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This can be considered a shortened form of 'what' but for some, simply using 'wut' and nothing else as a response shows somethings stupidity. Saying 'wut' after a response or something that someone has said that doesn't make sense is like saying 'huh?' really sarcastically.
(statuses on Facebook)
by Kirstennnnnn April 6, 2010
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When you’re in a state of Confusion
Person 1:“I eat grass!”
Person2:”wut wut
by Fluffy cat October 24, 2019
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Essentially the same as "what", just the way weird people spell it.

In a certain remote village of Idaho, its inhabitants use it to mean "what the heck, that's so unfair, I can't believe it"
Did you get drunk out of free champagne? Wut. I’m so jealous!
by gatofeo_99 February 21, 2015
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