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1. An expression similar in meaning to the word "What"

2. A "leet" word for what

3. A remark most commonly used after a party has told a ridiculous/unbelievable story. after a pause the listener responds "wut" or "lol wut"
Sean: Yea, so the other day I was on my way to the store and I saw a homeless person steal a woman's baby and smother it in bbq sauce only to be tackled by the one and only Race Danger.

Me: ...... Lol wut?
by A-Mac October 24, 2007

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The act of doing anything necessary to come out on top.
Guy 1: Hey did you see Jim slip that drunk chick a roofie?

Guy 2: Sure did. He'll be getting some tonight.

Guy 1: Dude... that's messed up.

Guy 2: No. That's playing to win.
by A-Mac October 17, 2007

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