you remember - that one chick you banged in college and you could smell tuna while/after.
yo man, that bitch had some nasty-ass stinky pussy bro.
by Jamie_IN_VT May 24, 2006
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A stinky pussy is a vagina reeking of a nasty mix of cheese and fish. The condition can be related to vaginal mycosis (like yeast) or lack of hygiene
I don't know how Peter can date Jane. She has a stinky pussy
by Eurasius Cornhale June 15, 2009
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A pussy that smells like dumpster juice. A smelly vagina that emits a fishy odor. A girl from Ironwood MI who's pussy smells like a fish pocket.
You have such a "Stinky Pussy". It smells like teishabutts fish pocket.

Jen, you have a stinky pussy, it smells like dumpster juice
by mrskjellyfetti March 2, 2013
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A pussy that smells. Of all kinds of smell a pussy that lacks the no scent of water a pussy that causes you to wash yourself numerous of times
Stinky pussy That pussy stinks so bad it took me 30 mins to wash it off of me
by Pbzay May 8, 2019
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PSP -- The end-result after a female has collected enough HPV-strains and other cock-bugs to create mass causalities in her intimate circles. Through Gods fury; Her pussy develops a permanent forest of invincible fungus-culture in her hoo ha. The fungus creates a strong soul-wrecking odor which serves as a forewarning for any righteous God-fearing man.

For those who get trapped by her allure; PTSD is more than likely. PSP is treatment-resistant; thus not mitigated by antifungal, antimicrobial or antibiotic treatment.

Extreme cases may result in radfem antics, acid-colored hair and potentially even a global pandemic.
"I dated Camilla ten years ago and her Permanent Stinky Pussy turned me into a traumatized monk." - Some guy, in a temple
by Herdawg September 26, 2019
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