Yes worser is a word now bitch ahahahshgaagagaggahahahaa…

worser is a word for worse but with more worse💀
D: its not a word dipshit
A:worser is a word
D: no it isnt
A:yes it yes let me invent it
by QT_bee0wU December 27, 2022
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when an uneducated guinea tries to say something is more worse
the roads are worser by me!
by dincn525 December 22, 2008
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it is bad than worse but not badder than worstest
Jas: tht is worser
IGV: worser is not a word
Jas: yea it is worser is better to use than badder rite?
IGV: ...
by jasj June 14, 2007
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becoming the most serious or unpleasant thing that could happen.
Everytime I play poker with Saurabh I get worser and worser.
by Mr Cub July 3, 2012
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Meaning in a more negitive state than was previously thought. This verbage is reserved for short, balding men with a neurological twitch and rheumatoid/rigamortis hands that makes written communication just as difficult as spoken.
My hand cramps are worser today than yesterday. I'll probably shatter a pen if I try to write anything.
by the mailman January 17, 2006
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When an uneducated springboard attendee tries to describe something as being more worse than something else
Qadeer: My Hot Wheels Collection isn't worser than my missing testicle
by MosesOfCrawley July 26, 2018
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