1.) My Leader

2.) The newest, latest, and greatest from the animators at New New Grounds. This new movie with a genre busting premise is billed as a time traversing episodic operatic space adventure situation frat comedy drama that focuses on the relationships and lives of the members of the V2 Rocket, the U.S.S. Nazi as they go through time.
Dude that Adolf Hitler sure is Mein Fuhrer.

That movie Mein Fuhrer totally kicked ass, its so cool it'll sleep with your mother while making your father make it breakfast. Then it will expose your father for being the dirty ring gay he really is.
by Nun January 17, 2004
Yes. When you have to acknowledge (say yes) to someone your pissed off at but what to do it in a way that will also piss them off.

A reference to the time when saying yes to hitler meant saying “Jawohl mein fuhrer”.
Mom - go clean up you room this minute young man.
Son - Jawohl, mein fuhrer!
by OOFtenused March 5, 2019