Refers to the First World War, 1914-1918. Not as popular as World War Two is today, as American film producers have not made as many films about it, most likely because it would make the U.S look weak the U.S. as their country had very little to do with the war.

The Great War was the war that defined warfare for probably a very long time. Armies, unused to light infantry battles and the use of tactics over numbers, found themselves in a stalemate, "dug in" at opposing trenches that stretched for miles and miles. This warfare was particularly gruesome, as the cramped and dangerous conditions led to many serious diseases, both mental and physical. The phrase "over the top" was created in this war, when frustrated army commanders ordered their soldiers to simply get out of their trenches and charge the enemy positions. When units went "over the top," it was common for the entire unit to be completely wiped out, resulting in the deaths of thousands in a few hours.

The war itself was brought about due to rising tensions in Europe and the web of alliances that existed. When the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated by Serbian terrorists, Austria blamed Russia, as Russia had always promised to protect Serbia should Austria look to seize it. Following this outbreak, Germany and Italy declared war on Russia's ally France, whereupon Britain was inevitably thrown into the fray.

Rememberance Day parades are held every year in every town in most of Europe (not sure about the U.S?) to remember the veterans who fought in it. Hundreds of local military personnel attend the parade and there is a Church service with the famous words being read (usually by a veteran):

They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
My great grandad fought and died at the Somme in the Great War.
by OiOiBoy July 3, 2006
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What the Russians call a World War. Understandably so, because World War I and World War II were full-scale, destructive conflicts that involved all of humanity.
"World War I was called The Great War, and World War II was called The Great Patriotic War."
by Dave December 31, 2005
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War in which Cows slaughtered the Llamas and took over the world to extablish a stronger foothold on world domination. AKA end of all Llamas and Human Tyrrany.
Llamas and Cows and the World War.
by May 7, 2005
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The Third Great war is the war that happened in area 51 after 1.000.000 chads Naruto ran into the base, sadly there were no survivors, after this event, many more chads raised from there underground chad kingdoms and attacked the US Army. After this, the great war started were more than 100.000.000 million gamers furries and e girls died.
The slogan used by the chads in this war was " We die once and we shall naruto run forever in heaven"
Sadly they all went to hell
We will never forget the third great war, those naruto runners will run forever in heaven
by AnAlienNamedChad July 23, 2019
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The greatest war... caused by Master Roshi's favorite thot who, planned to sacrifice herself In order to destroy Roshi's Coochie Empire and overthrow him from being King of the Coochie.

Story told by Roshi DevilArtemis Universe

"There I was back to back with Jesus. Bible in my right hand machine gun in the left. Ready to bless these unholy thots with the divine sauce. I ran out of ammo so I yelled across the orphanage Jesus I need a melee weapon. Never in my life have I seen a Mexican throw a sandal so fast in my life. 657 prostitutes fell that day to the holy sandal of Mexican Jesus. That day went down in history as The Great Coochie wars"
Cell's Voice
We can finally find out what happened during The Great Coochie Wars.
by NarrowCobra May 3, 2021
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Also known as the Furry war, The Great Furry war of 2018, and in some cases World War III, The Furry war is and ongoing battle for superiority involving gamers and furries. Some groups have managed to make alliances with natives, such as the weaboos, the memers, and in rare cases, furries have gone as far as to capture rare and violent T-Posing children to set off on rivals. It is currently unclear as to which side will win the war. Some say it has to be the gamers, as the chief constantly respawns. Others say furries, as their numbers are always growing, and, as stated before, they’ve begun the taming and possible selective breeding of T-Posers. The war has also lead to a decline in bread, as the property are making sandwiches to supply the troops at an alarming rate.
“Man, I could really go for a sandwich right now.”

“Yeah, this war is really using up all the energy of us and our fellow gamer bois.”

“Exactly, but there’s just no telling when the Great Furry War will come to an end.”
by DemonPotato November 25, 2018
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The Great Meme War took place from Juner 16, 2015 - November 9, 2016 and was the internet(primarily social media) battle between supporters of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Gary aka Aleppo Johnson, and Jill Stein. Attacks and battles took the form of arguments and memes in comment sections, threads, photos, videos and more. These memes were used to attack a candidate or sway their supporters. The War also included heavy shitpposting, spam, copypastas, and dank memes. The War's fronts include Reddit, instagram, ifunny, youtube, the news and media, and many others.

The main conflict of the War was between Donald Trump and the Allies, Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and the Republican Party.

Casualties and losses include:

For Trump and the Allies: A lot of time.

For Hillary Clinton and the DNC: The Presidency, a few thousand emails, the states of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconson, a plate full of chicken nuggies

For the Republican Party: A few turtles, a guac bowl and some rice.

For the mainstream media: Their remaining credibility.

For Pepe: Being mislabled as a "Hate Symbol" by Hillary Clinton and her campaign and the Anti Defamination League.

Trump's victory of the Great Meme War is credited by many as to be the power of K E K.
Many say he was meme'd into the White House.
The Great Meme War of 2015-16 was the greatest war to ever take place on the internet.
by Mushroomisile69 November 30, 2016
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