Something George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Microsoft are trying to achieve
World Domination would suck
by Cyberquad April 6, 2004
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It all comes down to one word...Mcdonalds
Everywhere u go, you see the big, yellow M. You cant tell me that they arent the quiet achievers of world domination!
by WhoCares December 17, 2003
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1. See Microsoft
2. To own the world. Often used in the same sentence as Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Bill Gates, America, and George Bush
Microsoft is so huge we might as well give them the world, geez.
by Matt March 14, 2003
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Sexual behaviors engaged in by individuals suffering from a sexual disorder referred to by clinical psychologists as 'Douchebagitus'. (see Douchebagitus) The disorder is commonly found in those who enjoy working in middle to upper management for large corporations, business entrepreneurs, politicians, investment bankers, and women who are nursing or pregnant.
The specific sexual behaviors of those diagnosed with the disorder vary, however are similar in that the consequences of the sexual behaviors result in the rape and destruction of mother earth and/or the subjugation and objectification of humanity. 'Douchebagery' is a term often used by clinical psychologists to describe these behaviors. (see Douchebagery)
While these behaviors cause the afflicted individuals anxiety and loss of enjoyment and the earth to become uglified and uninhabitable, the afflicting individuals with Douchebagitus usually experience orgasmic euphoria either upon completion of the behavior or when witnessing the consequences of their behaviors. Viewing bank statements, viewing crushed spirits, and signing documents are activities that often trigger the orgasmic euphoria in the individual with Douchebagitus.
World Domination... In rare cases the euphoria can become constant, which signals a chronic Douchebagitus condition. Psychologists theorize that the cause of constant euphoria in the individual is the result of the individual behaving in a manner that results in perpetual destruction of the earth and/or humanity. A case study performed on President George W. Bush Jr. during his presidency found him to be in this state of constant euphoria. The constant euphoria resulted in an IQ level of 52, an inability to articulate speech, a blank stare, and contorted facial expressions. Psychologists also theorize that the delayed and nonchalant response to the BP oil leak was caused by an intense euphoria experienced by many individuals with Douchebagitus.
by dah Bodawg December 24, 2010
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