The complete and utter domination of the world (Earth, Terra Firma) under the cold and iron grip of me! (or some other weird, generic megalomaniac).
All I need is a wet towel, a chicken burrito, and my fist. World domination will be easy after that...
by Emeralda July 10, 2004
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Microsoft and America are the first things that I think of when I thing or World Domination
America: Yep, world domanition certainly fits in. And speaking for me... We WILL take over this world!

Microsoft: Is trying their best at world domination... But if one more f***in' think goes wrong with my internet, I'm gunna KILL THEM! At least dream about it... :/
by Won't tell YOU! September 15, 2006
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You better watch your pansy little asses because one day America will rule your bitch-ass country.
Except for Iceland... Because they rock. Norway too.
by 3inchguitar October 27, 2004
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The utter conquest of the entire globe by a select individual or group. I.e. Me, Tom D, Cat H, Mike B, Sam H and Amey M Or George w. Bush
One day ill rule the world!
Dude, all i need is a pair of scissors
When i find an elderberryfish, the world will be mine
by Nick BC October 11, 2004
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