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Margo: Hey Red, let's 'work-in' this afternoon after going to yoga and grabbing lunch.
by Big_Perm December 01, 2016
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When a small business owner says to a customer...
U can b a workin'
The business owner is implying they told the customer i am busy...but i will work u in...
Workin' means the business owner is gonna work later work harder for the customer even if it means till midnight....
WORKIN'....does not mean FASTER
If a business owner is busy and lets u be worked neans they care enough to work tough for u that day....and out of respect u as the customer u need to have same due respect dont rush the job to fit ur schedule...small business means free enterprise.... go somewhere else.....
Workin'..workin extea for a customer that leads to a more personal relationship
I thought u closed at 530....uhmmmn if i am busy how can i.....just cause u r a workin and i told u i was busy... does not mean i will rush cause next thing is u will bitch about my work and that ur dog was here all day...look for happy or look for bad spoiled people...if u got to be a workin'hey u got what u wanted just not on ur time....
by PRETTY IN COPPER June 06, 2017
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Costing. The price that some type of drugs are selling for at a certain time.
Yo Nigga, what them Murdaville O's workin.

Shit Nigga - Murdaville O's bout 180 on some dro. 60 for that red hair shit.
by Fresh March 08, 2004
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