An intelligent, spiritual spark of life. She knows much more than you think she knows, but lets you think you have the upper hand.

Margo is the giver of all givers. She gets little in return for all the love she gives out. Never mistreat this one because she is favored among people. It will fall on your own head.

She is the best employee any boss could ask for. Once she learns, she masters it. Most times will become your boss. She is quiet in unfamiliar places, but gives you life once she opens up. She is the one you don't want to lose as a family, friend, or romantic interest. She is spicey from her hair to her toes. She is mesmerizing and too easy to fall for. Every time you see her, she looks different. She's life, but cross her the wrong way you or push her too far and life is over for you. Love a Margo, it's hard to find better.
I just need a Margo to tell all my problems to.
That hott girl is such a Margo.
Keep messing with me and I will Margo you.
by Jewels on Wings December 20, 2016
A rare, small woodland creature known for being happy and cute. Often the little fur ball will lure its victims in with its kitten-like charm only to force them to pet them and later eat them alive. Despite their evil nature, Margo's are widely loved and sought after throughout the world.
Ryan: You'll never guess what I saw in the woods yesterday!
Paul: What?
Ryan: A sweet, little Margo!
Paul: Awwww!
Ryan: Yeah, but then the little bitch bit me.
Paul: I have ten scars.
Ryan: But its so cute!
by WillBeckettFan June 18, 2013
She is very intelligent and cute. Her parents love her so much. Margo is known for bringing people together, like the goddess of forgiveness she gives you hella chances. So maybe you need that break from that someone to see if you actually love them. Who knows Margo does tho. So if you have a Margo in your life she can answer any of your questions
I want to have one more chance, Margo would approve.
Margo is hot.
by Peoplehater2015 November 8, 2020
A Margo is a DIVA. She wears her red lipstick proudly and offers no apology when her dog, Bruno craps on your lawn. She is a loyal and trusted friend as well as kind and giving. In fact it is rumored that a Margo gives to many a male friend at all hours of the night.
Margo's tend to be women of impressive character and strong moral fiber. But don't turn your back, she will smoke your dope. A Margo is a mad crack-whore and she is known to many south of the border as one of the most notorious and feared one eyed, one horn, giant purple people eaters.
A Margo is allergic to Pledge, but sometimes she eats it anyway. She is a quirky sort of gal like that.
Highly sensitive coupled with non-judgemental a Margo was overheard telling a slow moving elderly lady in line at Blockbuster that if she didn't put it into Fast Forward soon Margo would "beat her with a small child".

A Margo has impressive strength and a large collection of red bricks.
A Margo has unmatched intelligence and is highly modest. At times a Margo will go into the closet to change her mind.
I met this fascinating lady the other night.
She was running from my neighbors patio with an armful of red bricks all the while spitting and screaming "if they are not cemented down they must be free". She must be a Margo!
by Pooty Puff Puff March 24, 2010
Margo is a bootyful woman with long locks that strangle her ex boyfriends into submission. She mostly spends her time singing and blowing out eardrums of children at Saint Judges Hospital. Margo also has a collection of used pool earplugs that she likes to smell in her spare time. Margo is cool. Be like Margo!
“Did you hear what happened to Margo last night? She gave 32 children major hearing loss!
A weird pink haired girl who has a love for two things: boys and alcohol. Constantly gets drunk off of corona and white claw while trying to do EMT work
by Pokemongoeveryday May 7, 2020
A fat, ugly "lady" with man-like features and a tatoo on her elephantine leg.
See:skank, skeezer, fugly, bitch

Main habitat Pacific High School, San Bernardino, CA
"Man is that a guy or a girl?", "I think it's a Margo"
by Blarph January 15, 2005