This vocabulary mean : using or expressed in too many words/ lengthy/ long-drawn-out.
Their speeches are wordy and repetitive, variations on some theme, or simple reiterations for incantatory effect, always mesmerizing even when you merely read the lines to yourself in the script.
by Mozhgan Hudiburgh November 1, 2019
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1. Abbrieviation for “WordLife,” “WordLife39” or other variations thereof.

2. Slang for a stud muffin who refuses to follow rules or display common sense. A Wordy’s foolishness is matched only by his love for dimes and desire to make poor decisions.
Bulat: Wow, is that guy really climbing the Cumberland Farms sign ass naked?

Aiden: Yup, must be a Wordy.
by cam de man October 10, 2019
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What a foodie is to food, a wordie is to words. A wordie appreciates the nuances, subtleties and power of words and enjoys learning new words and studying the intricacies they offer. Also probably has a large vocabulary.
My sister is such a wordie she scored 800 on her verbal SATs.
by Jesser September 13, 2007
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the name given to a person is are very good at coming up with new words on the spot
by anamendes June 21, 2018
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A Variant of "Word", a common phrase said by black people in Brooklyn meaning "that's wassup", "cool", "oh really?", and in rare, extreme cases, "Damnnnnnn Daddy". Wordie was coined by the infamous Big Sean.
Young Black Male #1: "I heard AnQwan got shot."

Young Black Male #2: "Wordie?"

Example 2 (Incorrect Usage)

Young White Male #1: "What's goin' on Ned?"

Young White Male #2: "Wordie"

Young White Male #1: "Broseph, just be quiet."

Young White Male #2: "So are we still on for croquet later?"

Young White Male #1: "Ya man, I'm Wordie for that."

Young White Male #2: *Shakes Head Hopelessly and Returns to sailboat*
by Big Seansta August 13, 2007
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Consists of too many words that arent neccasary.
This sentence is too wordy because it has too many words which can be shortened.
by teh Kelz March 4, 2006
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see also wordywordybastard this is the lighter version of it. when someone just seems to go on and on usually in a blog or journal and always has some long rant that most likely makes no sense to anyone, including the person writing it all out.
Jake sure is being wordy today! He will become a wordywordybastard if he doesn't quit soon!
by Gryfin November 4, 2005
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