12 definitions by anamendes

A word you say when something bad happens to you or someone else
“Did you hear alan broke his elbow?”
“Yeah, yikes
by anamendes June 21, 2018
when someone becomes very depressed and disappointed from a certain situation or event
“Did you hear that the Shawn Mendes concert tickets sold out?”
“Yes, it made me have major depressment”
by anamendes June 18, 2018
the opposite of yeet
person one: do you wanna go to the shawn mendes concert?
person two: YOINKKKK
by anamendes November 22, 2018
What you call people that are very smooth
“Bro caley and gavin are so smooth”
“You might as well just call them smoothies
by anamendes July 4, 2018
a word used to describe something that is so fabulous which makes it hard to explain
How was your day?”
“It was very faboosh! I met Shawn Mendes!”
by anamendes June 19, 2018
a word you use to describe something slightly less funny than hilarious
“OMG that was hilarious!”
“Nah, but i’d say it’s hilario;)”
by anamendes June 19, 2018