possibly the most kick-ass game ever created. If you do not agree, then you are wrong.
JDB: Man, croquet kicks so much ass.
Loser: Shut the hell up, man. croquet sucks balls.
SSK: Fuck you, bitch. Croquet not only involves skill, but you can also hit shit with big-ass mallets.
Loser: Damn, I guess I'm wrong.
by croquetrulezz April 5, 2009
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The act of two guys scissoring. Namely due to the sheer number of balls and mallets involved, and how getting one of your balls into the hairy hoop (ass) counts as a score.
Kenny and Preston said they were going out to have a smoke together, but we all knew they were going out to the parking garage to play a little croquet.
by Remo Gold January 9, 2017
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An excuse for college students to dress preppy and drink beer.
by unknown November 15, 2003
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A term used to describe several people engaged in oral sex; i.e. one female going down on a number of males in one location.
Let's go play croquet
by darthlaurie April 12, 2006
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Once played by hardy youngsters to prove who could sustain such a terribly dull pastime longer than the other as part of some sort of sick competition. Now played by ill-knowledged persons who know nothing of real sports. The height of croquet came about around the end of the 19th century but died soon after it was banned from the Olympics for being so horrendously boring and stupid. Vestiges of this game are commonly found hidden under a bunch of crap in the corner of your grandpa's garage or a hundred feet deep within a landfill.
Croquet is not a sport, croquet is just some old game that no one cares about anymore. Oh yeah, and croquet sucks!
by ferrumplus June 9, 2005
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When you place a naked chick on the floor all spread open, you place a banana in between her legs, then you hit it with a croquet mallet into her Cooch Cannon.
Dude it was so awesome last night when I gave your mom a Risque Croquet!!!!
by Mr. Amazon Fire Fighter February 21, 2009
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When two guys have sex with one girl at the same time. Be it in the same hole or in both vagina and butthole. While doing this when their balls touch its gay croquet.
Boy 1. Dude that was so hot what we did last night.

Boy 2. Yeah it was but my balls hurt from hitting your balls a little.

Boy 3. So basically you had gay croquet and you think thats hot ?
by ginger dad April 5, 2014
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