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An term of agreement.
Zan: Yo, I got a 95% in my Event Management Class!
Orande: Oh Word? I got a 95% too!
by Zans May 11, 2006
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Can be used in the place of "fa sho," as in to agree with another, or to give props to somebody for some tight shit
You heard I got that job at Nike?
That's wassup
by Cheezie October 14, 2004
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Among the same lines as saying, 'okay', 'for sure', 'yeah' or 'awready'. Mostly used down in Texas.

friend #1: "what's going down tonight?..."
friend #2: "we gonna party like rockstars!!"
friend #1: "yo, thats was sup!!"

Joe: "let's get blazed?!?"
Mike: "uhh, thats was up!!"
by eddy cee March 14, 2008
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It means that you agree with something or it also means yes. It also means to ask for head.
by Orlando Castillo January 07, 2004
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