Big Sean is a raw ass rapper people tend to think he is boring because he ant got tattoos and throwing up signs he speaks to people to da heart and on spits logical shit he has the most interesting and energetic concerts ever and he fine as fuck and like big Sean says he don't fuck with you if you an it rocking with him so fuck all y'all niggas who listened to one fucking song and feel like he is trash and has no talent.
Big Sean there is no one like him
by she.keepslayin May 10, 2016
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The tied second best rapper outta Detroit. Only behind eminem and tied with Royce Da 5'9"
"Yo dude I'm so hype for Big Sean's I Decided."

"Yeah I'm hype for that joint with eminem"

"Yeah, all the singles are amazing"
by Doorknobrobber January 22, 2017
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A sexaholic rapper who talks about nothing in his music, degrading women, and always have to resort to sex in his songs. He made an over-whelmingly annoying song, called, "Dance", or "Dance (Ass) Remix ft. Shitty Minaj". That song is so annoying, that I wanted to commit a genocide to idiot Big Sean fans because they help support his shit. And he also puts out wack ass lyrics that consists of pathetic metaphors that a 1st grade child could make up. No talent is required of what he does. He's is a piece of shit in the Music Industry that isn't even about Rap/Hip Hop. I don't see him as Rap/Hip Hop at all. He's just a gay ass Pop star. Even Biz Markie would stick his foot up Big Sean's ass with lyrical skill. Anyone who buys into Big Sean's bullshit is a total fucking moron and doesn't REAL music. I can name shit loads of musicians that would solo Big Sean lyrically. Big Sean is a fucking joke, period.
Me: Fuck Big Sean. He's a pathetic excuse of a musician and I could care less of what people think. He is WACK AS FUCK!

Friend: I couldn't agree with you more. Only dumbasses, or ignorant pre-teen fags would buy into Big Sean aka "Big Shit". And FUCK gay ass Swag Fags with tight jeans.
by Mr. Ice Cream Man May 18, 2014
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Big Sean is a raw ass rapper signed to Kanye West's Good Music
Big Sean Songs - BullShitin, Rollin, Smoke N Drive, Glenwood
by DatNigJG August 19, 2010
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He became famous for making a song in which he says the word ass 1,000,000,000 times and Nicki Manaj has the only good part in
booty, a lot of ass, Big Sean
by rickross isnt a boss December 7, 2011
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a refrence to a big dick
I have a big sean
by KewlKidDan May 11, 2017
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