One of those words that could only be thought of on Urban Dictionary.
Guy 1- "What was that word she said?"
Guy 2- "Oh, it was an Urban Dictionary Word."
by IlliniFan1 June 29, 2013
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Urban Dictionary word creator
by snozing May 18, 2018
A word on urban dictionary that no one has ever used except them. Can usually be defined by a quick google search to check if one of the top three results is the words page. is an example of a fake urban dictionary word.
by daveyx September 18, 2008
google search urban dictionary new word
when you search urban dictionary word creator you wont be lead to where you’re actually trying to go which is urban dictionary new world
by ripzoe February 3, 2021
In most cases, a single, lonely person desperately seeking attention and "internet reassurance." These people are so close to the bottem of the barrel of self esteem, that truely, writing unoriginal and hardly creative definitions for words or phrases - or making new words to define - helps them cope with their daily routine of social awkwardness and unacceptance.
Social outcast John, contemplating a mass homicide at his nearby school while disillusioned with his daily buffet of video games and internet surfing, stumbled upon Urban Dictionary, and was reassured that his life had new found meaning, as he now had perhaps a chance to fit in with other rejects across the world! Maybe, just maybe, John had a chance to become an Urban Dictionary Word Definer, and perhaps even get the coveted Word of the Day honor!!
by I'mAboveYou July 2, 2009
When you're searching for the most urban dictionary word instead of studying and you clicked on definitions instead.
*Sad pupper noises*
You won't believe what the most popular urban dictionary words are!!! -Clickbait websites
by mikgriffen January 19, 2021
this word is when Urban Dictionary chooses tha best word produced from thee public and makes it word of tha day.
in thee office,

guy one: hey bill this word shud be Urban Dictionary word of tha day

guy 2: yes john make it word of thee day then.

guy 1: ok bill i will do that.
by mezalong December 21, 2008