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Urban Dictionary staff's way of pissing on right-wing groups and inventing slang that doesn't exist and if so, was made obsolete in the weeks of it being created pre-2010s.
Example 1: "Check out the new Urban Dictionary Word of the Day!" an IRC chat message read. "Wait, what the fuck am I reading?" another IRC chat message read, this time from another user.
by ElijahPepe September 08, 2020

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528491 is an important number in the movie Inception. In the film, one of the main characters, Robert Fischer, states the number as the "password" of the safe inside of Fischer's subconscious. In actuality, the number is just Fischer's subconscious creating the number so that the team can gain access to the safe.

The first and last 3 numbers are significant in the film as well, the former being the most as it is the room code of the team where the explosives will be set off below, in 491. 491 is more commonly known as a representation of the "unforgivable sin" committed by Dominick Cobb.

528491 is also part of the soundtrack in Inception, notably played in the climax when Fischer discovers the idea plant, or as Fischer's mind puts it, his father's "last will".
Cobb: "Give me the first six numbers that come into your head right now."

Fischer: "I have no idea."

Cobb: "RIGHT NOW! I SAID RIGHT NOW! points his gun at Browning's head RIGHT NOW!"

Fischer: "528491"
by ElijahPepe September 08, 2020

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Urban Dictionary's signature importance in cultural society, but that gives it too much credit.

While a name is a faux-birthmark, UD writers seem to think that your name defines who you are. Essentially the only purpose of names on this website is to give an ego-boost to anyone who searches their own name up and to buy it as a mug.
Example 1: "Dude, I just wrote something great about myself on Urban Dictionary under my name!" the man said gleefully. "Go fuck yourself", the other replied, fully aware this person is ruining the Urban Dictionary website (as if it had any sort of reputation anyway).

Example 2: "While, the, name is a faux-birthmark", a man spoke to himself, as he wrote up the definition of 'Name' on Urban Dictionary in order to appear meta and hip. In actuality, nothing he has written in the last 3 minutes has contributed anything to society and will probably never be seen.
by ElijahPepe September 08, 2020

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