The term applies to a non-Asian person particularly a white man who has yellow fever. Thinks all Asian chicks are hot, usually can't tell the difference between a homely and a cute one just as long as she is Asian.
by DAC December 28, 2004
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A none asian male who prefers asian women. This attracation is based on shallow perceptions and media stereotypes of asian women.An asianphile believes asian women are better to screw aroud with because they think they are more submissive and much weaker.
The asiaphile went to Bangkok to find himself some nice young asian prostitutes.
by beez December 25, 2003
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Caucasion American male, usually unattractive and with limited social skills, who is obsessed with Asian females.
"How long have you been in this country, Soon Kim?" asked the Asiaphile.
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Typically a fat white loser in his 50's who trolls around South-East Asia for a slim, submissive young May Ping Pang who wants him for his money and will want to cement their relationship with a child ASAP.
Look at that sweaty, red-faced asiaphile, he can't get a quality woman at home so he goes to Bangkok instead
by fuck you asiaphiles June 29, 2004
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anyone, Asian or not Asian, with a shallow interest in any one or more of the cultures of Asia, but are not fully aware of their substance.
dac is an asiaphile.
by LeiAhYeh May 19, 2004
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A term giving to those who are not of Asian decent, but who prefer Asian Women or Men over other races. It appears to have been created by others who do not like the attention that Asian women or men receive from non-Asians as a way to attempt to disgrace, belittle and insult them. Those who use the term usually appear to currently have or did have problems with staying in or finding relationships of their own, have low self esteem, or some other personal issue, and like most insults only used to create an impression that the name caller is better than the one they are calling the name of. Usually it is either Asian men who have not had much luck dating within their own race but desperately wish to, or women of other races who use it because a man they like does not like them and is dating or seeking to date an Asian woman. Those with the most anger issues who use asiaphile as a verbal insult ,will often dismiss any conceivable reason no matter how truthful or fact based , as to why someone of another race wishes to date an Asian man or woman. Yet, these same people usually have no problem with or use any such insulting term with such violent vigor for others who prefer to date other races outside of their own, as long as they not dating Asians. They are clinically sometime referred to as” Narcissistic Racial Activist” , “ Intra Racial Moral Psychopath “, or “ Jealous”.
"Look at that White/Black/Hispanic/Middle Eastern- ( fill in any race but Asian)- asiaphile with the beautiful Asian woman on his arm. Just because she likes him and not me, he is messed up in the head. Its just sick, damn asiaphile."
by Pseudonym Studonym November 10, 2010
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1. A non-Asian who is either primarilly (or exclusively) attracted sexually to East or Southeast Asians. Reasons for this attraction can vary. Not to be confused with a person who has Asian fetish. Depending on the variation, an asiaphile's attraction can either be normal or an obsession, though as stated above, the motives behind this attraction play an important role.
Carl is white and finds Asian women attractive. Most of his girlfriends have been asian. He is an asiaphile.
by Tegeth August 28, 2006
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