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Go Hulk (GOE-hullck)

To grab someone by the ankles and smash their face or head, depending on the way they grab the ankles, into the ground several times—at least three—by whipping their body above the head and back down on the ground so their head or face smashes first, followed by their body going limp, paralysis, and if done correctly, immediate death. This is then followed by petting a small furry animal as if you’ve done nothing wrong and walking away with your head held high.
Amanda - “hey, do you guys wanna snort some aspirin I crushed up to look like drugs?”

A few minutes later...

Jenny - “why is Amanda dead?”

Jeff - “she offered me fake drugs and I had no choice but to go hulk on her.”
by Ken1plus2 March 19, 2019
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Brush My Balls (verb) - 1) To convince somebody of something that isn’t true; 2) To exxagerate in order to be more convincing; 3) To lie to someone in order to spare their feelings, 4) To literally brush the hairs on a man’s genitalia for the purposes of either eliciting pleasure or grooming an otherwise unkempt ball sack back into a uniform condition so that you can then power suck his nuts without getting too many hairs in your mouth, though you’re bound to get some if they’re not shorn in the first place.

See also: Brushing my balls; Brush your balls; Brushing your balls; Swamp ass grooming, Nut hair shaping, feather dusting, venereal rub, moose massage, taint cleanse, sub power scrub, submarine trim, lie, exxagerate, pull my leg, yank my wad, titty fuck my mind
You: “That’s a really good idea.”
Me: “stop brushing my balls bitch”

Her: “I really like your jokes
Me: “shut up and start brushing my balls bitch”

Him: Do you want to brush my balls?
Me: No, I want to tell the truth ...(fag)
by Ken1plus2 April 11, 2018
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1) The act of being in the seated position as if seated in a chair only without an actual chair. Usually an impossible kung fu maneuver seen in movies by expert martial artists.

2) The act when a girl is riding a guy top side, then shifts her feet forward and bounces as if getting up and down from a chair repeatedly. Typically, this speeds up the climax time for the guy, leading to less satisfaction by the female, unless the sex is horrible and she just wants it to end, then she can chair the guy and that would mean she is chairing him.
Person 1) Did you see Jackie Chan chairing in that scene?
Pereon 2) Nah, I was fingering your sister.

Example 2)

Lady 1) how was sex last night?
Lady 2) Terrible, i started chairing him just so he would finish
by Ken1plus2 March 20, 2018
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(pronounced: SHAH-bud)

Also: shaba’d, shabba’d, shabbaba’d, and shabba babba’d

Getting fucked over so royally you don't even realize the severity of how badly your being fucked over and joke that you're getting shabbed while being shabbed, made that much worse by your lack of insight and compounded continuously by virtue of the ignorance of the skyrocketing severity level of how badly shabbed you're getting fucked into.

(it becomes an infinite loop of vicious cycles, each exponentiating the impact of the previous to the point of becoming suicidal, but ultimately you laugh it off with “wow, I got fucken shabbed”)

E.g. (For example),

one: "that dude looks like he's just been fucken shabbed; poor fucken guy :("

two: "forgettem, his fucked in, shabbed out. Dye on hiz own denim..."

one: "...fuck in shabbed."
E.g. (For example),

one: "that dude looks like he's just been fucken shabbed; poor fucken guy :("

two: "forgettem, his fucked in, shabbed out. Dye on hiz own denim pact his colon..."

one: "...fuckin shabbed."
by Ken1plus2 January 31, 2018
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Shrivels (shrëv-ELS)

When a woman is good looking, so she turns you on, but then she opens her mouth, and she’s so offensive, it makes your dick shrivel.
For example:

One: did you see that hot ass bitch back there?

Two - yeah, I know her from back in the day. She’s hot til she opens her mouth, then she gives me the shrivels.

One - damn yo.
by Ken1plus2 September 28, 2018
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(Pronounced: FAR-tin row-ziss)

1) When you let out a stream of small farts that don’t smell even a little bit but can be either silent, partially silent, or sound like a playing card flickering against the spokes of a bicycle.

2) When you are winning at something trivial, like beating a guy off the line at a green light only to stop 100 feet later at the next red light.
One: “I think I can take this guy, my car’s got more horsepower.”

Two: “ironically, I have gas, so we’re both fartin roses.”

One: “you sick fuck!”
by Ken1plus2 January 31, 2018
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The number of seconds that pass after you release a fart and the next closest person to you smells it.
one: You can totally reduce your farttime by pulling down your pants first.

two: stfu
by Ken1plus2 April 09, 2017
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