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America is the name given to two places; North America and South America. Contrary to what the people from the US like to think, America does not just refer to them.
Anybody from the Americas can be American.
That includes Canadians, Mexicans, Brazilians, and other such people.
Yes they are. They came from Panama. That's in America too.
by Alice will Appear July 05, 2010
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1A common joke in marching band.

2A parody of Lady Gaga's "Band Romance."

3When two band geeks are dating and spend their days in musical harmony and bliss.
Forbidden band romances between the brass boys and woodwind women. Do you bite your thumb?
by Alice will Appear December 09, 2010
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1. An instrument which is honestly not to difficult to play correctly.
2. The most egotistical and narcissistic of brass holes, who feel they must always be mean.
3. When it is played well, it is a beautifully sounding instrument which excels in Jazz and Marching style music.
4. Scrap metal. I'm referring to the players here, not the instrument.

Whilst trumpets are beautiful instruments, the people it attracts are not so. They will never admit to being wrong, and if you are a woodwind, expect crap to be thrown your way. They are often petty, immature, and are clearly over compensating for something. I suggest not paying any attention to them during band classes, as they will often be physically injuring each other, trying to pull rank and skill on you (This often fails in the skill department), and otherwise acting as the stereotypical idiotic teenage boy. (Even if they are female.)

They also seem to have some sort of personal vendetta against the clarinets, who often share parts. It might be something to do with them having the same concert pitch. (Bb)
The clarinet is the woodwind version of the trumpet. If you are a trumpeter, get over your sad delusions. If you are a clarinet, I know how it feels. I'm sorry.
by Alice will Appear November 20, 2010
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Named after the Angles/Anglos at the time, which divided up the British Isle into Angle-land, Wessex, and a place for the natives. Neighbor to Wales and Scotland, and part of the United Kingdom. Once one of the greatest empires in the world, it still holds some clout. The capital is London, which is by far the worst place in it, being over crowded, about two degrees hotter than the rest of england. Known for inventing both Ping-pong and football, it was also the first country to use or even think up soap. A beautiful place, though it is, at times, a bit dreary.
It was one of the first nations to give right to former slaves, and has already had a female leader, something the rest of the world seems to completely ignore.
The English are known for being bitterly sarcastic, and are quite critical of everything.
As far as music goes, punk is ours. Many a great composer and singer has come from Angle-land. Andrew Lloyd Webber is from England, as was Shakespeare.
One of the first to reject the Catholic Church, though that was just over divorce issues.
Also known by their enemies, the French, who they will bicker with and insult until someone tries to do the same, in which case they will defend them.
The food is wonderful in England, contrary to popular belief.

The flag of England is the Saint George's Cross.
England is also not to be confused with Britain, or the United Kingdom.
"Just lie back, and think of England." A rather nice song.

Git of any particular ethnicity(Let's say American, though It could be any nationality/ethnicity/race), "Oi. You're from England. Does that mean your related to Simon Cowell/The Queen/Hugh Laurie."
Me, "One, I'm British, as I am half welsh. Two, you're America. Does that mean you are related to George Bush?"
by Alice will Appear July 05, 2010
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A grouping of instruments including the clarinets, flutes, and saxophones. They are the butt of many jokes in marching band, but off the field they kick any brass ass any day. Also a stereotype.
They are seen as the more mature bunch in band, and generally move in small packs or groups. They are friends with the colour guard, and have a higher count of females generally. Also seen as hardworking by the directors, the woodwind section leader is generally a lot tougher on their people, as their instruments are as naturally as obnoxiously loud as the brass (With the exception of Piccolo.) They are the first to memorize their drill, and leave goofing off to outside rehearsal, or at least are clever enough not to get caught.
After marching season, they are the heart and soul of the Wind Ensemble.
"Woodwind women and brass boys, pick up your music, and set down your toys."


-Trumpet player, at the beginning of marching season.

"You outplayed us in band today. It's not fair! We have thirty second notes."
-The same trumpet player, a week into wind ensemble.

(Please note that second and third trumpets and third clarinets often play the same part. The same applies for first cornet and second clarinet. First clarinet plays with the flutes and, occasionally, the first trumpet.)
by Alice will Appear November 20, 2010
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