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A president who made cars more expensive by remaking NAFTA in a bad way while doing useless stuff his supporters and him like. He made Hispanics scared.
Donald John Trump is a bad, bad leader.
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by Qorptocx December 23, 2018

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The Dano-Norwegian alphabet is 1 alphabet for 2 languages. The letters are the same as the English alphabet; ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, plus ÆØÅ, Ø sounding like the Kazakh letter Ö and Å sounding like a o sound you find in a New York accent as in “Talk”. R is guttural in Danish and trilled in Norwegian. A is /æ/ and glottal stop in the alphabet song in Danish but in Norwegian it is a back vowel, a A sound to be exact.
by Qorptocx November 01, 2018

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A rat that thrives off of human failure in a city, hence living.
City rats thrive on our failure to install rat strips and make better trash cans. City trash cans are a rat ladder. News networks do not solve the problem, instead reporting.
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by Qorptocx December 31, 2018

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A Romanian word meaning “Romanian Language”
Limba Română = Romanian Language
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by Qorptocx December 23, 2018

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A smart member of the rodent family, which includes squirrels. It usually is kept as a pet, but city rats can eat leftovers.
Rats in the city (city rats) can be a problem that could have been solved in a simple way, but is not solved. The problem that lets city rats thrive? Human failure and ignorance.
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by Qorptocx December 23, 2018

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A Internet meme from LazyTown that includes Stingy saying “This is mine!” It became a Internet meme when it was published on the internet
Stingy, you sung the Mine song!
This mailbox is mine!
And this triaginal sign!
The blue ballon, the month of June.
They’re mine (Mine 5x)
Ziggy’s sweets are mine!
That birdy’s tweets are mine!
The city streets and both of your feet.
They’re all imphatically mine!

I all belongs to me! Everything that I see!
Noord, Zuid, Ost and West
I caress it, ‘cuz I possess it!
I’m Stingy and it’s mine!
And this instrumental break is also mine!
The floor and ceiling are mine

All your feelings are mine!
You always knew it, that’s all there is to it!
It’s mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE!
That’s what I said; It’s Mine
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by Qorptocx December 22, 2018

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A word meaning Hungarian language in Hungarian.
Magyar nyelv is spoken by lots of people.
by Qorptocx December 04, 2018

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