Wom is a mysterious word that popular Twitch streamer/TikToker/YouTuber AvaJC coined in mid-2021. Nobody quite knows what it means yet, but Ava has promised to reveal the meaning of the word when it's she hits 100k subscribers on YouTube or 200k followers on Twitch. She encourages her viewers to comment 'Wom' on TikToks, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, and Twitch streamers' chats with no context whatsoever.

Some meanings that have been guessed by viewers follow:
Wombat, Word of mouth, Women of Minecraft, and some believe that it has no meaning, or just means wom.
AvaJC: *exists*
Her entire Twitch chat for at least the first 10 minutes of the stream: WOM WOMWO WOMWO WMOMOWMO WMOMO MOW WMOMWM
by Mafifi September 26, 2021
A word created by _avajc_ and CeaLion to comment below mcyt's posts.
by So0tsy October 1, 2021
A word that mysteriously appeared on tiktok
Tik tok user:WOM
Someone else: what's that
Tik tok user: you shall never find out
by Socialfadeaway September 27, 2021
Is an acronym for women over mates and more specifically a girlfriend over mates. Woms love weird mode and are full of excuses, they will go to great lengths to avoid taking phone calls or visits from their friends. You often don't see them for weeks on end. They spend most of their time in their Sandringham apartment which they part own with their father and constantly whinge about mortgage repayments. They spend ridiculous amounts of time on facebook and claim this to be 'catching up with mates'. They occasionally will go the gym to catch up on celebrity gossip in magazines rather than working out. Woms are inherently tight with money and have heads like smacked arses.
"Are you kidding, theres no way Billy will be coming out tonight, he is the biggest WOM going around!"
by The wiz of wisdom March 2, 2010
Wom is a word made by a content creator on twitch named AvaJC. Ava has made the word so that the wom army can go say the word wom in random tiktoks. and while Ava refuses to reveal the meaning of wom, I think it just makes sense that wom just means wom.

my reasoning for this answer? well you see, spell wom backwards, you get mow, right? well now spell mow backwards and it becomes wom. see this makes no sense but I tricked you into reading this. anyways I believe that wom means wom. /j
Person In The Wom Army: WOM

Poor person just trying to watch tiktoks: WHAT THE FUCK IS WOM???
by Demi_Bee_ October 11, 2021
Wom is everything and everywhere. It can be manifested as the word "wom" itself or just a slice of pie on a face. If you chant loudly enough, they both happen (If you have the Necronomicon, you know how to do it simultaneously.) Wom is within everyone. It sees all, knows all, and affects all. The Illuminati stole wom for their "All-Seeing Eye". Wom is a smile on a babby's face or a knowing look from your coworker. Wom is, to put it bluntly, womtastic.
Wom makes children smile.
by Wom Wom Wom August 8, 2008
A term used to for describing any type of object, whether it be inanimate or living. Duplicating it into Womwom or pluralising it to Wom's can produce similar responses. It can be used in many manners; hatred, love, pure gorgeousness or just because no other word fits. Once it has been said to you, it will be similar to an infection and spread throughout you and your friends vocabulary.
"Hey wom! I bought a pram, lets go down a steep as hill" Bonnie says to Taylor, he replies "Death to all Wom's of the world!"

"Wom, Wom, Womwom, your Gorgeous" Jamie says out the car window.

"Someone called me a Wom the other day, I was freaked out and now I just can't stop saying it! It is just such a useful word, when in doubt, use it, it will fit anywhere!" Fiona explained to people with nicely ironed shirts on their holiday.
by DeathtoallWomWoms. October 7, 2011