2 definitions by The wiz of wisdom

Is an acronym for women over mates and more specifically a girlfriend over mates. Woms love weird mode and are full of excuses, they will go to great lengths to avoid taking phone calls or visits from their friends. You often don't see them for weeks on end. They spend most of their time in their Sandringham apartment which they part own with their father and constantly whinge about mortgage repayments. They spend ridiculous amounts of time on facebook and claim this to be 'catching up with mates'. They occasionally will go the gym to catch up on celebrity gossip in magazines rather than working out. Woms are inherently tight with money and have heads like smacked arses.
"Are you kidding, theres no way Billy will be coming out tonight, he is the biggest WOM going around!"
by The wiz of wisdom March 2, 2010
Usually refers to someone who is tall, pale and awkward. The diet of a skindog is fairly plain, they eat a lot of bacon and eggs, and require a condiment with every meal. Most are obsessed with computers and video games, they would make love to a megabyte if they could. One skill a skindog does possess is the ability to instantly recite extended lengths of movie quotes and music lyrics, some believe it is a form of autism. A skindog is usually a neutral party rarely taking a side in an argument, they love to wear comfy socks and are proud to wear hats backwards. They usually try to deny skindog as their own moniker and will go to great efforts to persuade others of this, but fail every-time.
That guy Dave is the original skindog, just have a look at him, he loves it!
by The wiz of wisdom November 14, 2010