The sound from a song of which has a heavy bass with a WOM WOM WOMMM sound. usually dubstep
by Dubstepa April 2, 2010
A word used to express a feeling of excitement or joy when something good has happened or when one has a strong superior/positive feeling about something
"I totally womd you in that game of ping-pong"

Person 1:"Hey I just got that job I really wanted"
Person 2:"WOM"
by jc/glo August 8, 2009
An adverb that describes the importance of an action of emotion. For example, feeling "sad" is nothing compared to feeling"sad wom". On top of that feeling something "wom wom" is an unprecedented amount of emotion.
by Guest_yok June 2, 2019
A random saying on tiktok made by I think Aimsey or something that is always on my for you page which is confusing because nobody knows what it means but I’m pretty sure it means World of Minecraft. Don’t dislike furries 🤪
Aimsey: ok strangers of tiktok let’s say wom now just spam it and I’m not gonna tell you what it means but just say it everywhere and get it on the urban dictionary.
People: omg g-genius let’s do it

-five min later-

Breaking news..wom is spammed everywhere beware of Minecraft players please and get a new fyp.
#wom 🤪
by Ur moms toes November 14, 2021
A word I made on accident when I was trying to type worm. It means throw. My life is a mistake.
"I'm going to wom you into the void"

"Oh you hoe, I'm going to wom you into the ground"
by Toast the loser June 16, 2019
The Wom Army formed on TikTok by some adults who thought that saying some word with no fucking definition would be fun. Wom.
creator: *uploads video*
comments: WOM
by sh_tl_rd September 27, 2021
An adjective or noun, with a negative connotation. Used in same manner as douchebag or tool. Not as severe as it's hybrid cousins.
Dude, you're such a wom.

Oh, that test was wom.
by Duke Pockets January 22, 2009