1.Short for woman; usually used by a person to denote some authority over the person with whom they are speaking.

2. A synonym for bitch.
1. girl: Can I have the last piece of chocolate cake?
girl #2: No wom, that's for me!

2.Wom please, I went to Bulgaria!
by sej September 30, 2006
Pronounced (wm wm)

A term to replace the word woman, because a wom wom is not good enough to have the word "man" in her name.
Maggie tried to pass the driving test. Unfortunately, she failed because she is just a wom wom.

Hilary wanted to be President. Too bad she is a wom wom.

I only bought 3 lemons. The wom wom wanted 12. I should have known the wom wom wanted "show" lemons.
by Brett Favree October 24, 2010
A very cute dog or a female Portuguese Water Dog you own or just met.
Omg that is such a cute wom wom where did u get it
by Jbrown23 July 9, 2021
A joke on TikTok started by _avajc_ where you basically just say “wom” in the comment section of every single video.
person 1: guys please stop saying wom, it’s so annoying and cringe
person 2: wom
by Greggyleg September 30, 2021
We don't know what it means yet.
by salemwitch October 4, 2021
wom wom wom
A new (as of June 2008) meme on the Something Awful forums. Let's see how long it takes to become a bannable catchphrase!
MSpaint dumb impulses you get. wom
"Hey, that looks fun." wom wom wom
by Some_anonymous_person :( July 11, 2008