Avajc made an army in 2021 and there has been a war ever since
by Buzzagirl2021 September 27, 2021
Wom is a word made by a content creator called AvaJC. Ava has made the word o that the wom army can go say the word wom in random tiktoks. and while Ava refuses to reveal the meaning of wom, I think it just makes sense that wom just means wom.

my reasoning for this answer? well you see, spell wom backwards, you get wom, right? well not spell mow backwards it and becomes wom. see this makes no sense but I tricked you into reading this.
Person in the Wom Army: WOM

Poor person just trying to watch tiktoks: WHAT THE FUCK IS WOM???
by DemiBee_ October 14, 2021
Homie wom woms is when you start to show affection to your family and friends at any period of time.
Chief Keef gave me a Homie Wom Wom gift yesterday”
“Wow you got a homie affection gift yesterday!”
by Thoikmaster August 28, 2019