MCYT stands for Minecraft Youtuber(s). It is mainly used to define the entire Minecraft Youtuber community, which makes it easier when saying that you like multiple different people of the same community. Some examples of people inside the community are: Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Skeppy, TommyInnit, etc. etc.
Person 1: “I just joined the MCYT fandom!”
Person 2: “Aw cool! Who’s your favorite?”
by bfbanana_art September 16, 2020
MCYT is stands for (M)ine(C)raft(Y)ou(T)ube
Theres several YouTubers part of this that consist of Dream Team, Skeppy, Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit and much more.
MCYT is what the Minecraft side of YouTube is!
by stephenis.bestboi September 29, 2020
An abbreviation of “Minecraft Youtuber(s),” is group of streamers making grown people cry through a block game role play.
person 1: Dude, I just watched a random MCYT fighting about discs, and I can’t stop crying.

person 2: That’s pretty sad.
by gomi.illustrates December 28, 2021
MCYT Stands For 'Minecraft Youtube'
YouTubers in MCYT Include: Stampylongnose, DanTDM, Captain Sparkles, SkyDoesMinecraft, LDShadowLady and MCJams
Person 1: My Favourite Minecraft Youtuber (MCYTer) Is DanTDM
Person 2: Oh That's Cool, I watch McYum
by XxXdiamondpp420XxX February 10, 2021
MCYT is short for Minecraft YouTube. This is a community that streams and posts Minecraft videos on YouTube in order to entertain. Channels that are part of MCYT are Dream, Wilbur Soot, TommInnit, Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, and more.
MCYT is the best side of YouTube, no one can tell me otherwise.
by stephenis.bestboi September 29, 2020
MCYT is an acronym for "MineCraft YouTuber". The term would have been redundant in the early-to-mid 2010s as most Minecraft content creators back then were YouTubers. However in recent times, the increasing rise of popular Twitch minecraft streamers has pressured the need to differentiate between these two analogous but widely different communities.
Examples of currently popular MCYTs include, but are not limited to: Dream, GeorgeNotFound, AntVenom, DanTDM, CaptainSparklez, JeromeASF, Ssundee, Tommyinnit, technoblade.

Rule of thumb: generally any old school YouTuber that primarily does/did do Minecraft videos can be considered a MCYT (e.g. SethBling, SkyDoesMinecraft, BajanCanadian)
by UwUltimateDoge May 30, 2021
MCYT is a term used to refer to the part of Youtube affiliated with Minecraft content. It also is an acronym for Minecraft Youtuber. The term was used in 2013-2017 in the pvp community, but currently it's associated with the Dream SMP and the prominent members of it. The origin of it is debatable, but a few theories are widely accepted. It is estimated it originated in the Mineplex pvp community, although that would be impossible, since that is comprised of three people, who spend their time solely on the server, not thinking of acronyms. The other popular theory was that it was created in the comment sections of MCYT somewhere in 2013-2015.
Person A: Huahwi and Technoblade might duel!
Person B: The MCYT community will go crazy if they do that.
by letmepost May 3, 2021