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Promethazine Hydrochloride and codeine phosphate syrup specifically made by Wockhardt pharma company. Closest thing to Hitech, a praised but discontinued brand of this cough syrup, mixed with flavored soda to make a tasty, syrupy, relaxing beverage.
Sippin on wok with the glock on the block
by Pataganja April 06, 2017
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A bowl/cooking instrument used in the Chinese culture.
I cooked up some grub in my new wok.
by Draith March 30, 2005
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A group of people who crash parties, cause havoc in the party that they crash, and start fights with people as well as jump people. They also participate in taking drugs and marijuana.
There was a Wok at my party. they started so much shit.

A Wok came to my party as well
by DickyCock July 10, 2018
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1. A very sexual girating dance of the West Indies, usually done only moving the hips.

2. Sex
1. Di ya see Elvis at the street parade wokin' it up wit dat white girl?

2. Baby let mi get inside and I'll wok ya all night
by Sullivan August 17, 2005
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An abbreviation for Without Kids. Typically refers to the circumstance where a parent is free to party. Often used every other weekend to describe single or divorced parents who share custody. Generally, it is only used to refer to people with kids, but the term can also refer to a general state of being without kids.

Should not be confused with wok.
“Cathy is taking the kids up to her parents this weekend. So it’s on tonight boys. I’m W.O.K.!”

“She was cool, but I’m only looking to date someone W.O.K.”

“I hope you got in a disco nap. Kelly is W.O.K. tonight so she’ll be cramming in a month’s worth of partying.”
by Chiguy August 10, 2007
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