To add drama to a situation. It could be in a really boring place like Yates with your 'friends' when something really uneventful happens or maybe when you're online and your ex starts talking to you all of a sudden.
*group of friends are sitting around a table and a waitress comes over to collect empty plates. Waitress struggles and almost drops the plates*
Waitress: WOAH.


*someone accidentily goes on facebook chat and clicks online to their 'people I don't want to talk to' group.. 2 seconds later an ex pops up typing your name in capitals*
Crazy ex: BOB!!
You: WOAH.
by frasereraser December 24, 2010
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When you haven't seen her in a while and then you look up and realize her absolute beauty for the millionth time. It's within that moment that you feel so lucky to have her and you truly do find yourself saying "woah."
Guy: *comes back from pause on a FaceTime call and sees her*
"Woah.... You're gorgeous."
by infinite.affection October 10, 2016
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The correct version of the word "Whoa". Often used when in shock.
Woah dude, did you see that?
by ARoomKey August 18, 2011
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The action that white and basic tik tok girls do to earn "Clout"
Jennifer: *Hits the woah*
by Cakéy friend June 5, 2020
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Woah is a thing that a person does when they are usually surprised
The boy said woah after seeing a cool thing.
by TheJackOLantern November 27, 2017
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When people get excited from roasts or fights.
Kid losing with 0 point: bro you trash
Kid winning by 4: Im trash but you can't even get a point in a game.

People watching: woah! Dang.
by trash*! January 28, 2019
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