used to express the sudden realization of one's pathetic character and/or behavior
"Woah, I have nothing better to do with my time than to look up the misspelled word 'woah'."
by grammar slammer January 28, 2004
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a trendy dance move popular on tiktok. there are many variations of the woah. the creator of the woah is Dejo. the move is usually imagining throwing up something and then catching it.
catch the woah.
let’s do a tiktok *woahs*
woah is woah is good *woah*
by jeffw3558 March 08, 2020
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closer to "yeah!" but "woah" expresses surprise rather then affirmation

it's the deformed twin of "whoa!"
Woah....I know kung-fu
by emma beckman January 21, 2005
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a statement made when taken by surprise and/or caught off-guard
"woah, woah, i just touched your ass!"
by itsame540 March 21, 2009
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