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32nd U.S. president, famous for guiding his country through the Great Depression (with the institution of the programs that made up the New Deal) and the second world war. The only president to be elected to more than two terms, Roosevelt was voted into office four times. He served about one year of his fourth term before dying in office. Many people were unaware of his polio during his presidency. Known as 'FDR'.
by Diggity Monkeez April 22, 2005
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Franklin D. Roosevelt, commonly known as FDR, was the thirty-second president of the US and got America out of the great depression but more by going into WWII then the new deal.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only president to break Washington's precedent of not running for more then two terms.
by Us(1.18L) October 30, 2006
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In Franklin Highschool New Jersey, FDR is exclusively taught about for the first 4 months in US History II.
Yo, Tovay REALLY likes Franklin D. Roosevelt!
by MacDaddyCollin May 07, 2016
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32nd President of the U.S.

One of the worst presidents of all time. Pushed the nation closer to socialism than it has ever been with his statist ideals. Contrary to the belief of left-winged supporters, he actually severely slowed down the recovery of the economy during the depression. He was not responsible for ending the depression, the war was.

He promised to not get involved with any foreign wars, yet he secretly wanted to. He secretly worked with Churchill to get the U.S. involved. He did everything in his power to provoke an attack from Japan without looking like he actually wanted to get involved. He had evidence that an attack on Pearl Harbor was imminent, but did nothing.

He grew increasingly incompetent with each term. Had numerous communist spies in his administration. This is how Stalin found out about the Atomic bomb.

A role model for left-winged socialists and idiots alike.
Hopefully Obama isn't as bad as Franklin D. Roosevelt was.
by libertarianwewt October 22, 2009
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One of the worst American Presidents ever to gain office. A man who based his entire campaign on saving the economy ruined by stupid people over-working corporate America then blaming Hoover, FDR took this opportunity to use fruity words to win over retards who believed him while he was really trying to make Hoover look bad. He used his political office to get people to ignore the fact that he was married to and had six kids with his slutty cousin. With stupid organizations like the NRA and the fact that he was known to spend weekends on his luxury yacht with his family sipping champagne while working class people went to bed hungry made the Great Depression last 6 years more than it needed to then eventually sending us blindly into a world war. Ultimatley a stupid, prudish, incestual, money hungry pig!
You're in love with your cousin? You're almost as bad as Franklin D. Roosevelt!
by ananomyous June 24, 2005
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