Someone who only drinks top shelf, high end wines. Someone who brags in your face about all of the knowledge of wine they know. Essentially a Winer.
Want to invite Samantha over for dinner? No she's a Winer. What we have won't be good enough for her.
by YungShalom August 26, 2020
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winer (plu. winers)... or to wine (verb)

One who whines and dines; typically drinking cheap red wine out of a bag-in-box (for example Monsieur Rouge)
- He's just been wining since his girlfriend left him
by Japfreak February 12, 2005
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Two or more guye that are banging the same woman
Obie trice and Eminem both fucked the same girl. they are now winer cousins
by Demi Tamwood January 30, 2010
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Derragatory term used for the forty niners usually by superior Raider Fans.
The forty winers got their ass kicked this sunday
by migy October 02, 2006
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the opposite of a cockblock. This is when a homie of yours is downplaying you to the girl your trying to lay, cause he's trying to lay too...
Homie: Yo, Kent told that chick you were talking to that you get mad at small shit

You: Whatever cuz, that cat's a Vaginer Winer...
by El Peels August 04, 2008
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Synonymous for brewing or distilling, but only applicable to wine.
The winery tap room was only a tap room, and therefore did not winerize their wines in house.
by YerbaMatesWithCats February 01, 2019
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A big fat Scottish penis only bad asses have it like kyle and Gavin and Liam and Noah and gianna
Kyle did u see that Winer schnitzel on that kid named Noah it's really long
by Gdevs August 03, 2017
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