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1. The "real" mix of Coca Cola and cocaine
2. Things that seems cool only when you are high on cocaine
- I know that people insist that there use to be cocaine in Coca Cola, but it's not true. This, on the other hand, is a real Coca Cool...


- Chris usually don't take his shirt off on the dancefloor. I guess he thought it was a coca cool idea.
by Japfreak December 10, 2006
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CJ is shorthand for Cheese-Jockey; an individual who is hired for an event in which his/her job is to choose and serve different cheeses. The term was coined in 2007 by the club Cheesy Not Cheesy in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2008.

The first known CJ is Cheeseboy representing Hildas Ost as a resident CJ at the above mentioned club.
- CJ Cheeseboy is serving up some mad cheese tonight!
by Japfreak March 24, 2008
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swedish ungefär som "pilla litegranna" eller "finjustera". Används oftast i design- eller typografiska sammanhang.
- Nä vänta! det måste pascaleras innan det går i tryck
by Japfreak January 26, 2005
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nomu (means drink in japanese) + communicate = nomunicate

to drink and talk
Let's meet up and nomunicate!
by Japfreak March 09, 2004
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